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The following books are great for helping you learn how to communicate better with your dog:
Here are some of my favorite Basic Training books that promote Positive Reinforcement Methods:
Here are my favorite Positive Reinforcement Puppy Training Books including a great housetraining guide for dogs of all ages:
Here are a few of my recommended Clicker Training Books:
Specific Behavior Issue books:
For the Fearful Dog For the Fearful Dog On-Leash Aggression towards other Dogs
Separation Anxiety Resource Guarding Dog to Dog Aggression
Dog to Dog Aggression Aggression Aggression
A must read for all dog owners! Living with multiple dogs Barking
Kids and Dogs:
Clicker Training, Competition Obedience Books:
Understanding Dog Body Language:
Other books of interest:
Don't Forget a Clicker !  



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Here is my recommended book list. Please contact me if you need help choosing the best book for you! To see a description of a book or to make a purchase just click on the book of interest. You can also visit the rest of the Dogwise store by clicking on the Dogwise banner below or look for a book using the search box provided.

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