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Group Class Graduates:

Polite Puppy Graduates Aug 2007:

Sydnee and Shelly Gravlin with lab puppy Sasha

Christine and Joe Siler with Basset puppy Dolly

Basic Manners Graduates Aug 2007

Fran Elser with Australian Shepherd mix Sydney

Nicole and Kyle Macyda with Goldendoodle Charlie

Polite Puppy Graduates
March 2006

Polite Puppy Graduates
December 2005

Basic Class Graduates
December 2005:

Polite Puppy Graduates
October 2005

Basic II Class Graduates
Winter 2005:

Agility 1 Class Graduates
Summer 2004:

Click's for Trick's Graduates
July 2004:

Goodpuppy Social Club Graduates
September 2004:

Private Lesson Graduates:

Brian & Cathy Mowers and their dog Webster

The Greco Family and their dog Zues

The Bishoping Family and their dog Maggie

The Vieder Family and their dog Koko

Don & Jane Barnhart and their dog Murphy


Kathie Mitchell and her dog Chewbaka

Marcel Lim and his dog Jazz

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Here are pictures of some of our past graduates....